Wudang Traditional Martial Arts 3yr Program


Hello! Thank you for visiting my Support page! There are a few ways you can donate to my journey toward ancient healing knowledge. Provided on this page is a link to my pay pal where you can donate in your chosen incriments. You can also send donations via Venmo. My number for Venmo is: 617-755-4299 and I am under the name Sarah Barrios. The 3 Year Traditional Taoist program is about $21,000 in total. The school fees include housing, three meals a day and the training for three years. I am hoping to raise the money by fall 2018 or 2019. Every little bit helps me get on my way. Any donations over $30.00 are eligable for online qigong training session. Donations over $80.00 are eligable for a 45min massage if you are in Los Angeles or Santa Cruz areas. Thank you again for your time! And thank you much for all the support. If you are feeling like sharing my story please do so! If you have any questions or suggestion on fundraising please feel free to contact me. 

Venmo #: 617-755-4299

Name: Sarah Barrios