A Mind, Body, and Spirit self-healing (gentle) exercise tied with the breath. Bring yourself back into balance. Healing from the inside out, with the energy dance of Qigong. 

Qigong (chee-gong) is a form of meditation through slow and gentle movements also connecting with the breath. An Ancient Chinese healing practice, qigong is the mother of Tai Chi and many other martial arts. "Qi" meaning energy, breath or life force and "gong" meaning work, play or exercise. Qigong=working with your life force energy. Clearing your energy to bring a balanced heart, mind, and spirit so you may radiate your light outward into the greater world. This is a very gentile practice with deep results. Qigong can assist the removal of past tramas that are materialized in the body. It is an excellent way to clear negative energies from your system. I specialize in Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong, and Integrated Co-ed Qigong. Please connect with my contact page if interested in private or group sessions. 

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong 

Symbol of the Lotus Flower: "Finding nutrients and blooming from turbid, stagnant waters. Reminds us of our own ability to evolve and transform our lives into a thing of beauty, regardless of the hardships we face. The lotus shows us that it is possible to draw strength from challenge and to create beauty from adversity." 


RLWQ: "A program to gain self-empowerment, gratitude and the practice of non-judgment. RLWQ is a combined approach to empowering women in their self-care, with gentile exercises that open Qi flow which allows hormones to communicate harmoniously. The practice helps to release stress, toxins, and unproductive emotions, invigorating the body's immune, endocrine, hormonal and skeletal systems. Some practitioners have even found it to be a supportive assistant with therapies, helping to release fear and sadness after a diagnosis, supporting  quicker recovery following an illness or operation and improving outlook and overall quality of life. This practice helps support the gentle release of blocked emotions and past traumas opening the body to heal on multiple levels. It also supports lymph drainage." (Founder Daisy Lee) Increases sense of peacefulness and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Some cases have had beneficial effects for menopause and uncomfortable menstrual cycles. Other cases of consistent practice have aided in reduction of ovarian cysts and tumors. (Every Persons' case is different and we do not say this practice is definitive with anything. It is a journey of discovery of your own body and the healing that comes from within.}

Integrated Qigong


A combination of Stress Relief, Organ cleansing, Shamanic and Wuji Qigong to gain internal healing while absorbing a flow with the energy around you. Integrated Qigong incorporates different movements that allow your qi to flow evenly throughout the body as well as promoting a healthy mind and spirit. It brings a refreshing sense of vitality to your daily life and promotes stonger focus in daily tasks and work environments. This is great for any age group and especially great as a group activity to promote stonger community.