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Power of Prayer...


Divine Connection


The Magic within you!

All my life I grew up with prayer. It was embedded tradition for our family. We prayed over food, before bed, Sunday Mass and for special occasions such as holidays. I grew up Catholic and I am very grateful and thankful for that experience. It was a foundation into a life of prayer, humbleness and gratitude to a Source Greater than me. I love and fully appreciate my development into prayer and as I have continued to grow I have acknoweleged that Prayer and the Power of Prayer does not have to be religious. Prayer is available to anyone who allows vulnerability to come into themselves and opens their mind and spirit to a Higher Source. This "Higher Source" can be named or Un-named. Whatever the preference is to the individual. Sometimes we get stuck on names and create conflict. Prayer is of openness not conflict. The only matter is that you are open to the omnipotent universal flow of its nature.  

Prayer is for everyone and anyone


Prayer is an active and passive notion. You are actively asking for assistance and passively awaiting an outcome. Prayer can too often be limited by our own boundaries. For example, thoughts such as "I will pray for such and such and if I don't receive it then I will no longer believe in a Higher Source." These thoughts are limiting our prayers as well as limiting the availability for magic to happen! The outcomes of our prayers may not always be what we wanted (limited) them to be, yet, there is usually something better awaiting for us at a near crossroad. Our limited thoughts can cloud the gifts of the universe. I hope to inspire you to pray without limits and open yourself to the Divine Higher Sources and the Universe's gifts. 

Lets share our prayers!


The power of prayer has brought much magic into my life and continues to feed my soul and drive my motivation and positivity in life. I can go on and on about the many moments in my life where prayer has shown itself majestically. For now I would just like to open this page to allow others to share their need in communal prayer. I will be starting a prayer list every Monday closing on Tuesday Morning 7AM Mountain Standard Time. I will be doing these weekly so a closing time is necessary to focus the prayers for the week. This is an opportunity for humanity to come together in peace and prayer and share the love and healing of communal prayers. Please send me the information about what you would like me to pray for and if it is a specific person (prayers for the self are absolutely acceptable) please include their full name, birthday and city they live in so I can focus the prayer specifically to them. Please send your prayer information below, or to or through my contact page. These prayers will be private. Thank you for your time and I look forward to sharing prayers with you!  

In Light and Love, 


 Prayer Submission

Thank you for creating community in prayer!