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My name is Sarah Elena Barrios. I grew up in the sunny suburbs of Southern California. I have moved from Los Angeles, to Boston, to Santa Cruz now to the foothills of Grass Valley. I am a passionate world traveler, researcher, and holistic health enthusiast. Some places I've visited include: Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Philippines, Thailand, Boston, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Colorado, Arizona and Texas.

In my early 20's I always had a fascination with meditation. It was late into 2013 (my mid 20's) when I finally gave meditation a chance. I discovered Qigong through a Tai Chi video. This little video was my first step in an entire new direction of my life. My body and mind were astonished by the amazing effects of qigong and its gentile ability to clear stress, stagnant blockages and ailments. I could feel the uplift in my spirit after each session. Upon every practice, starting from day one, I was feeling strong sensations of magnetic energy emitting from my physical body. I quickly became fascinated by the gentile, yet deep healing qualities of qigong.

 I began to research professional practitioners and literature. I can confidently say that qigong has opened me to a beautiful path of the healing arts. Inspired by ancient self-healing practices and qigong, I completed my California Massage Therapy Certification June 2016.

I had been introduced to massage in my childhood years. My siblings and I were constantly involved in sports which sometimes led to minor injuries. My Dad used to massage our sports injuries as an aid to our recovery time. During my Father's childhood they had less access to hospital facilities. Acts of healing came from the home or from Curanderos ("Healers"). My Abuelita (Grandmother) Catita (R.I.P. with love) was known for creating her own home remedies. It has been a very blessed and natural transition into the beautiful art of massage therapy. Massage is a fantastic outlet for me to dive into my passion and share it with the world.

At this time, most of my research and practice focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayruveda, Native American and holistic practices. Research is a continuous living entity of my life and a key element that is integrated into all my practices. Hungry for knowledge with a passion for healing, I continue my journey to obtain as much practical information about ancient, alternative medicinal practices from around the globe

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