Traditional Wat Po Thai Massage

Traditional Wat Po Thai Massage originates from the Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School that was was opened in 1955 inside Wat Po (The Temple known for the Reclining Buddah). It is the first Thai Medical School under the approval of Thai Ministry of Education. Traditional Wat Po Massage is a combination of ancient massage techniques that follow the 10 major massage lines. The technique involves customizable pressure points administered by the thumbs, hand/palm compressions and interactive yoga stretching. I will be using my feet for some of the stretching and specific compressions on the thighs. (I will not be stepping on your back.) The particpant should arrive at the appointment in loose, comfortable clothing. The massage starts at the feet and works up the legs to the head and neck, following the 10 massage lines. Wat Po Thai Massage is an excellent remedy to relieve muscular fatigue and pain as well as reducing tension and headaches. The procedure assists in joint and muscular mobility. Thai massage not only helps stimulate the circulation of blood and lymphatic system, but also improve the body immunity for anti-aging and longvity. The traditional 150+ step procedure is about 2 hours long, yet adjustments can be made in order to fit shorter scheduled time. I highly recomend the 2 hour if you have the time for it. If this sounds like a massage for you please call/text 617-755-4299.