The Ways Of Healing Are Many...Discover Yours!

Licenced by Pastoral Medical Association


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Rejuvenate your truest colors with massage. Over 10 years of experience, it is an absolute pleasure to bring peace and harmony to others through the healing aspects of massage. Since ancient times massage has been administered as a healing remedy for people around the globe. Treat your body and mind to a time of relaxation, rejuvenation and peace. I use a combination of modalities to personalize each and every massage. No need to leave your home! I am a mobile massage practitioner; I will bring the healing, stress- relief to you! Experienced in working with injury recovery and surgery recovery. Please book an appointment at our convenience. 


Animal Medicine


Cultures around the world have beliefs in the medicine we can receive from animals. This is medicine in form as a "way of knowing" or "way of understanding" oneself and the surrounding world. All animals have a story of medicine to give us. I utilize Medicine Cards, which are particular to collective Northern Native American Cultures. The way of the Medicine Cards enables an individual (or group) to discover a deeper sense of self as well as strengths you may not have known. It is my deepest honor to spread the various medicines from our surrounding animals in order to enhance our understanding and connection with nature as well as our own being. Take a moment to learn the Power and healing of your inner animals. 




Ancient Healings


Various skills I have aquired on my path into Shamanism. Shamanistic Health Reading has been used by healers for many years to discover the root of ailments within the body and piece out the proper remedy (may it be physical, mental, emotional, metaphysical). Aura Cleansing and Crystal Healing are two different techniques to clear negative energies and alighn the body so that you may be at your highest point of beaming, radiant light. Home Cleansing is an opportunity to clear any negative, clinging or risidual energy from one's living space and bring in new, healing and refreshed energy into the home.