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Huilong Guan

The Temple of the Returning Dragon


"Master Chen shiyu vows to bring wudang kung fu to high development, let more people understand it and wishes every lover of wudang kung fu to be healthy in body and heart; succeed the tradition and bring it to the world..."






Hello Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and all those in between! If you do not know me or the situation, let me brief you. I have been passionately dedicated to teaching and training Qigong, an Ancient Chinese Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Martial Art since 2013. These past years I have fallen deeply in love with Ancient Chinese Healing Culture and I am passionately driven by it. I discovered The Temple Huilong Guan spring 2015. Almost a year before I obtained any knowledge of this temple something very interesting had happened. 

One cold winter evening, January 2014, I had an extremely vivid dream. In my dream I was training kung fu in the snowy mountains of China. Since that dream I continued to say to myself "all I want to do is train in China." It was like the mountain was calling to me. My desire was to immerse myself within the roots of this beautiful practice. During my spring term at UCSC (2015), I spontaneously (or dare I say divinely) discovered an amazing opportunity to train in traditional Tao at Huilong Guan. The program is exactly as I have dreamed. All the levels of true Tao martial arts within one school. Master Chen Shiyu has honored me with the acceptance to train in Traditional Taoist Martial Arts at The Temple of the Returning Dragon (Huilong Guan) in the Wudang Mountains of China. Wudang, is part UNESCO and is proclaimed China's Sacred Mountain.

My education at the temple will be a life changing opportunity for me. I will be entering a 3 year Traditional Taoist Program. The 3 year program is designed to teach a strict intinerary including various forms of qigong, tai qi, kung fu, herbal medicines, traditional music, traditional weaponry and Chinese language. The program was created by Master Chen Shiyu. He is 15th generation of Senfeng Decent and Headmaster of the school. The program has been created to welcome students from around the world to come, train, learn and embody the Tao so that they may return this knowlege back to their own countries or other locations around the globe. The training I will receive from China will enable me to come back to the United States, or other parts of the world, with the physical, mental and spiritual knowledge of Taoist ancient culture,which I will then utilize to promote peace and overall well being. Traditional Tao is a practice of awareness, cultivation of energy, connection to the flows of nature, and is an overall movement to initiate peace and balance within our world. If you wish to help fund me on my path as a healer and teacher, please visit my support page. Every little bit counts!

Thank you for your time, reading my story and many blessings to you and yours. 


Love, Peace and Health, 

Sarah Elena Barrios


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