Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is a concentrated, communicative and interactive massage. It involves acupressure, myofascial release, gentile stretching and structural balancing. I will be confirming pressure depth and stretch comfortability throughout the massage. This massage entails specific, focused body work, often with an end goal. Together, we will discuss ailing issues, focus points and come up with a massage plan to aid your symptoms. Deeper forms of accupressure and compression are used to access lower layers of muscle and connective tissues. Firm pressure and gentile stretching is perfomed to release extreme, potent points on the body. Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is great for those seeking to relieve certain nerve pain due to severely hardened muscles and connective tissue. This massage is also great for active personnel who are looking to relieve tensions in order to gain greater flexibility, dexterity and postural movement. If this is the massage for you, please feel free to call 617-755-4299 and schedule an appointment.