Movement Medicine:

Nasm Certified Personal Trainer 

 Movement Medicine is a combination of Low Impact Training, Functional Movement Training, focusing on proper joint stability, gentle strengthening, balance, mindful movement rotation, stretching along with deep breath work. Full body mobility. Focused in physical Longevity and vitality.

Movement Medicine Tools

Birth of Movement Medicine 

Movement Medicine came into fruition as I was looking for a modality to ​assist my highly active life as a massage therapist, runner, hiker etc. Through my beginning years as a qigong practitioner I realized how beneficial it was when I slowed all my workouts down and brought deep intentional movement tied with deep, balanced breath work. I applied these techniques with stretching and low weight training and found great benefits in areas of chronic pain and areas of stiffness.  My primary tools with Movement Medicine are foam rollers, Thera-bands, medicine balls, pully systems, hand weights and body weight exercise. Movement Medicine is an excellent modality to add to anyone's routine. A gentle way to feel better, move better and experience more vitality. I teach virtually as well! Please book a free to call or book a free 15min phone or zoom consultation and see if Movement Medicine is a fit for you! 

Known Benefits of Movement Medicine 

  • Greater Range of Motion

  • Flexibility

  • Chronic Pain Reduction

  • Better Balance

  • Enhanced General Vitality

  • Better Sleep

  • Increased Body Awareness